Here you will find links to some further sources of information about oil depletion and related issues.

Recommended Sites

Energy Bulletin

Global Public Media
Post Carbon Institute
Transition Towns/ Transition Network

Sites Tracking Offical Peak Oil Responses

Peak Awareness
Post Carbon Cities
EurActiv Peak Oil page

Organisation Websites

321 Energy - Editorials and News Headlines on Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Solar & Wind, Gasoline (Petrol)
Alternative Energy News Source - Extensive news service on alternative and renewable energy
ARUP Drviers of Change - Understanding Peak Oil. This description of peak oil and why it matters was created by ARUP and sent out to their clients and contacts in March 2008. It has a 'send to a friend' feature which allows you to pass it on.
Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO)
ASPO Australia ASPO France - French language website
ASPO Italia - Italian language website
ASPO Germany

ASPO Sweden
The Community Solution
Crisis Energética - Spanish language website
Depletion Scotland - Scotland-based oil and gas depletion awareness raising group
Energy Shortage - Tracks current instances of energy shortage around the world
Future Crisis - Future Crisis is a resource for news on peak oil, oil, renewable energy and fossil fuels
Global Oil Watch - Excellent list of Peak Oil reports in the Reseach Materials section
Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS)
Local Energy
The Oil Depletion Protocol - Resource website focusing on the Oil Depletion Protocol
The Oil Drum UK - Analysis and Discussion of the UK Energy Gap and Peak Oil - French language Peak Oil website
Peak Oil Netherlands - Dutch language website
Peak Oil News & Message Boards
Localise Ayrshire
Sprott's Peak Oil Watch (Sprott Asset Management) - An asset management company with an eye on Peak Oil. Good internal reports and daily Peak Oil news service. - Danish language Peak Oil website

Individual Websites

Are We Running Out of Oil? Les Magoon, Petroleum Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
The Wolf at the Door [also available in French]
Paul Thompson Beyond Peak Oil: A Survey Based on Primary Statistics Gene Cooperman
The Busby Report: UK Survival in the 21st Century John Busby
The Coming Global Oil Crisis Ron Swenson
The Cost of Energy Lou Grinzo
Crude Oil Peak Matt Mushalik, peak oil site with an Australian focus
The Cultural Economist Ronald R. Cooke
Dry Dipstick Mick Winter
Hubbert's Peak Kenneth S. Deffeyes
Hydrocarbon Universe Kenneth Burns – David Strahan, writer, producer, director and ODAC trustee provides regular articles on current energy related issues
Oil Crash Robert Atack
Oil Depletion David Delaney
Oil depletion: One of the most important problems of the world Jacob Lund Fisker, University of Basel, Switzerland
Oilpeaks Ryan Fairley
Over A Barrel Tom Mast
Peak Oil Alex Kuhlman
Peak Oil - The end of cheap oil Jon Everill BEng
Peak Oil Startpagina mostly Dutch, some in English J. Langendam
Speeches & Papers Matthew R. Simmons, President, Simmons & Company International, USA
The View From The Peak John H. Walsh
2020 Energy