Reports & Resources

Hydrocarbons and Depletion: Shale gas technology to the rescue? - video and slideshow
Professor Paul Stevens, Chatham House - The Clerk Maxwell Lecture at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) - March 2013

Drill Baby Drill - Can Unconventional Fuels Usher in a New Era of Energy Abundance?
J. David Hughes, Post Carbon Insitutute - February 2013

Shale and Wall Street: Was the decline in natural gas prices orchestrated?
Deborah Rogers - Energy Policy Forum - February 2013

Energy prices and bills – impacts of meeting carbon budgets - 888KB
Committee on Climate Change - December 2012

Briefing Paper: Fossil fuel tax breaks in the UK - 239KB
Friends of the Earth - December 2012

Annual Energy Outlook 2013 Early Release Overview - 751KB
EIA - December 2012

Gas Generation Strategy - HTML
DECC - December 2012 

Department of Energy & Climate Change - November 2012

Bristol Channel Energy: A Balanced Technology Approach - 2680KB
Regen SW, Marine Energy Matters - November 2012

Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4 Degree Warmer World Must be Avoided - ebook
The World Bank - November 2012

World Energy Outlook 2012
International Energy Agency - November 2012
Executive Summary 1843KB, Presentation to the Press, Fact Sheet

The economics of oil dependence: A glass ceiling to recovery - 1282KB
New Economics Foundation (nef), with ODAC - November 2012

World Oil Outlook 2012 - 12.2 MB
OPEC - November 2012

Energy and the Economy: The 2030 Outlook for UK Businesses - 860KB
London School of Economics, for RWE Npower - November 2012

Oil and the World Economy: Some Possible Futures - 821KB
Michael Kumhof and Dirk Muir, IMF Working Paper - October 2012

Has US Shale Gas Reduced CO2 Emissions? - 1358KB
Tyndall Manchester - October 2012

On picking winners: The need for targeted support for renewable energy - 1059KB
Robert Gross, Jonathan Stern, Chris Charles, Jack Nicholls, Chiara Candelise, Phil Heptonstall, Philip Greenacre - Imperial College London - October 2012

energy [r]evolution 2012: A sustainable world energy outlook - 13.9MB
GWEC, EREC, Greenpeace - July 2012

Gas Patch Roulette: How Shale Gas Development Risks Public Health in Pennsylvania - 3391KB
Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project - October 2012

Letter to the Chancellor: 2030 Power Sector Carbon Target Essential for Growth - 1158KB
Aldersgate Group - October 2012

World Energy Outlook Special Report 2012 - Iraq Energy Outlook - 7.1MB
Internation Energy Agency (IEA) - October -2012

Technical summary on the implementation of comprehensive risk and safety assessments of nuclear power plants in the European Union (advance version) - 308KB
European Commission - October 2012

The Crisis in Oil & Gas Regulatory Enforcement: States are Betraying the Public by Failing to Enforce Oil & Gas Rules - 2759KB
Earthworks - September 2012

Evidence, Logic, and Performance: "Energy Independence" Unsubstantiated; a Shortfall between Oil Supply and Demand Looms - 1520KB
Daniel L. Davis - September 2012

Protecting the Arctic - HTML
Parliamentary Enivronmental Audit Committee - September 2012

Shale Gas Unconventional and Unwanted - 2996KB
Friends of the Earth - September 2012

UK Energy Shale Gas - 468KB
Institute of Mechanical Engineers - September 2012

Saturation wind power potential and its implications for wind energy - 1615KB
Mark Z. Jacobson and Cristina L. Archer - Standford University - September 2012

Support to the identification of potential risks for the environment and human health arising from hydrocarbons operations involving hydraulic fracturing in Europe - 5478KB
By Dr Mark Broomfield for the European Commission DG Environment - September 2012

Unconventional Gas: Potential Energy Market Impacts in the European Union - 12171KB
Ivan Pearson, Peter Zeniewski, Francesco, Gracceva & Pavel Zastera (JRC),
Christophe McGlade, Steve Sorrell & Jamie Speirs (UK Energy Research Centre), Gerhard Thonhauser (Mining University of Leoben), for the European Joint Research Centre - September 2012

Beyond the bluster: Why wind power is an effective technology - 1551KB
By Reg Platt, Paul Gardner, Oscar Fitch-Roy - IPPR - August 2012

Maugeri's decline rate assumptions commentary updated - 192KB
By Steve Sorrell, Sussex Energy Group, Christophe McGlade, UCL Energy Institute

IOSCO’s Consultation on the Functioning and Oversight of Oil Price Reporting Agencies - 284KB
Technical Committee of the International Organization of Securities Commissions - July 2012

Geochemical evidence for possible natural migration of Marcellus Formation brine to shallow aquifers in Pennsylvania - 1774KB
Nathaniel R. Warner, Robert B. Jackson, Thomas H. Darrah, Stephen G. Osborn, Adrian Down, Kaiguang Zhao, Alissa White, and Avner Vengosh - Duke University - July 2012

Maugeris decline rate assumptions commentary - 178KB
By Steve Sorrell, Sussex Energy Group, Christophe McGlade, UCL Energy Institute

Hit the gas: how to get the anaerobic digestion sector moving - 292KB
Thomas Brooks and Quentin Maxwell-Jackson, Centre:Forum - July 2012

Shale gas extraction in the UK: a review of hydraulic fracturing - 7.7MB
The Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering - June 2012

The Sky is Pink - Video
Josh Fox - June 2012

Oil: The Next Revolution: The Unprecedented Upsurge of Oil Production
Capacity and What it Means for the World
- 1495KB
Leonardo Maugeri, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University - June 2012

Securing the UK’s Power Supplies: How to do it Successfully, Sustainably , and Cost-effectively - 248KB
Consumer Focus, SSE, University of Exeter and WWF - June 2012

Time to take our foot off the gas?: The role of gas in UK energy security - 2587KB
Friends of the Earth - June 2012

Annual Statistical Energy Review 2012 - 8.6MB
BP - June 2012

Biofuelling the global food crisis: why the EU must act at the G20 - 2378KB
Action Aid - June 2012

Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas - 5.5MB
International Energy Agency (IEA) - May 2012

Fossil fuel price shocks and a low carbon economy - 1562KB
Oxford Economics for DECC - 2011, released by DECC May 2012

The Future of Oil: Geology versus Technology - 864KB
Jaromir Benes, Marcelle Chauvet, Ondra Kamenik, Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton, Susanna Mursula  and Jack Selody - IMF Working Paper - May 2012

Consultation on Active Travel (Wales) Bill - 546KB
Welsh Government - May 2012

UK Bioenergy Strategy - 2170KB
Deptartment for Transport (DoT), Department of Energy & Climate Energy Change (DECC), Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) - April 2012

Carbon Capture and Storage - Realising the Potential - 1786KB
UKERC - Apil 2012

Preese Hall Shale Gas Fracturing Review & Recommendations for Induced Seismic Mitigation - 990KB
Dr Christopher A. Green, GFRAC Technologies, Professor Peter Styles, Keele University, Dr Brian J. Baptie, British Geological Society - April 2012

Towards understanding the population-level effects of wind farms on birds
Pearce-Higgins et al., Journal of Applied Ecology - April 2012

Arctic Opening: Opportunity and Risk in the High North - 16MB
Chatham House/Lloyds of London - April 2012

Enough is enough: new gas-fired power station capacity in the UK - 97KB
Friends of the Earth - March 2012

Towards a low carbon pathway for the UK - 3597KB
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment - March 2012

Energy Wales: A Low Carbon Transition - 530KB
Welsh Government - March 2012

Fracking: The New Global Water Crisis - 3.8MB
Food & Water Watch - March 2012

The Arab Uprisings and the International Oil Markets - 876KB
Paul Stevens - Chatham House - February 2012

Weak demand takes the bite out of the British capacity crunch - 247KB
Bloomberg New Energy & Finance - February 2012

The Future of Marine Renewables in the UK - HTML
UK Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee - February 2012

Energy Security For Whom? For What? - 663KB
The Corner House - February 2012

Fact-Based Regulation for Environmental Protection in Shale Gas Development - 3199KB
Energy Institute, The University of Texas at Austin - February 2012

World Oil Supply Debate - John Hofmeister former President of Shell Oil Company vs Dr. Tad Patzek, incoming president of the Association of the Study of Peak Oil - video
February 2012

Re-energising Our Communities: transforming the energy market through local energy production - 770KB
Respublica - February 2012

Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing - 923KB
UN High-level Panel on Global Sustainability - January 2012

A corruption of governance - 1731KB
Unlock Democracy, Association for the Conservation of Energy - January 2012

Final report on unconventional gas in Europe - 520KB
Philippe & Partners for the Directorate-General for Energy in the European Commission - November 2011

Oil Prices, Exhaustible Resources, and Economic Growth - 557KB
James D. Hamilton, Department of Economics University of California - January 2012

Annual Energy Outlook 2012 (Early release) - 993KB
US Energy Information Administration (EIA) - January 2012

Peak Oil Personalities - Book puchase page
Colin Campbell -January 2012

Future Conventional Oil Production: Sensitivity to Reserves Uncertainty - 471KB
Dhruv Patel, University College London PGCert Natural Hazards for Insurers 2011 Individual Project, Supervisor: Richard Miller - Oil Depletion Analysis Centre  - January 2012

Achieving zero: delivering future-friendly buildings - 3289KB
Dr Brenda Boardman, Enivronomental Change Institute (ECI) - January 2012

BP Energy Outlook 2030 - 1911KB
BP - January 2012

Heat: Degrees of Comfort - 1153KB
The Royal Academy of Engineering - January 2012

The Economics of Low Carbon Cities; A Mini-Stern Review for the Leeds City Region 1884KB
Download from here
Centre for Low Carbon Futures - January 2012

Electricity Costs: The folly of windpower - 1460KB
Ruth Lea - Civitas - January 2012

Co-operative renewable energy in the UK: A guide to this growing sector - 843KB
Rebecca Willis and Jenny Willis, Cooperatives UK & The Cooperative - January 2012

Peak Oil: The Implications for Planning Policy - 788KB
Royal Town Planning Institute - January 2012

Burning Oil to Keep Cool: The Hidden Energy Crisis in Saudi Arabia 2598KB
Glada Lahn and Paul Stevens - Chatham House - December 2011

Demanding less: why we need a new politics of energy - 742KB
Green Alliance UK - December 2011

Household Energy Bills - 2425KB
Committee on Climate Change - December 2011

Renewable energy: Vision or mirage? - 2153KB
Adam Smith Institute - December 2011

Shale gas in Europe: revolution or evolution? - 7898KB
Ernst & Young - December 2011

Investigation of Ground Contamination near Pavillion, Wyoming - 15.5MB
Environmental Protection Agency (US) - December 2011

Bioenergy Review - 3MB
Committee on Climate Change - December 2011

Planned Phase Out of Fossil Fuels Proposal for a Real Climate Policy - 456KB
Climate Justice Research Project at Dartmouth College - October 2011

Shale gas: an updated assessment of environmental and climate change impacts - 179KB
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research - November 2011

Peak Oil Futures: A possible transport scenario to 2030 and its consequences, using the "4see" model- video, view slides
Simon Roberts - ARUP (for the All Party Parliamentary Group APPGOPO) - November 2011

World Energy Outlook 2011 - Executive Summary - 797KB
Key Charts
Presentation to the Press
International Energy Agency - November 2011

Scottish Energy 2020? - 2426KB
Institution of Mechanical Engineers - November 2011

Ensuring America’s Freedom of Movement: A National Security Imperative to Reduce U.S. Oil Dependence - 8013KB
CNA Military Advisory Board - October 2011

The Price-Induced Energy Trap - 2139KB
New America Foundation - October 2011

UK Energy Supply: Security or Independence? - HTML
Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee - October 2011

Positive Energy: how renewable electricity can transform the UK by 2030 - 1278KB
WWF-UK - October 2011 

Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources of the Devonian Marcellus Shale of the Appalachian Basin Province - HTML
USGS - August 2011

Low Carbon and Economic Growth: Are both compatible in developing economies?
Executive summary- 164KB
Full report - 898KB
The Institute for Integrated Economic Research - August 2011

Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of Marcellus shale gas - HTML
Mohan Jiang, W Michael Griffin, Chris Hendrickson, Paulina Jaramillo, Jeanne VanBriesen and Aranya Venkatesh - Carnegie Mellon University - August 2011

Framing Peak Petroleum as a Public Health Problem: Audience Research and Participatory Engagement in the United States - 569 KB
Matthew C. Nisbet, PhD, Edward Maibach, MPH, PhD, and Anthony Leiserowitz, PhD - American Journal of Public Health - August 2011

Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2011 - 79KB
Department of Energy & Climate Change - July 2011

Rethinking the Unaffordable Understanding the true cost of Green Transition - 1695KB
KPMG - July 2011

What’s Driving Food Prices in 2011? - 5425KB
The Farm Foundation - July 2011

Impacts of shale gas and shale oil extraction on the environment and on human heath - 1518KB
European Parliament Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) - July 2011

Unburnable Carbon – Are the world’s financial markets carrying a carbon bubble? - 1743KB
Carbon Tracker Intiative - July 2011

Press release: IEA makes 60 million barrels of oil available to market to offset Libyan disruption - HTML
Related FAQ - HTML
International Energy Agency - June 23 2011

Review of the generation costs and deployment potential of renewable electricity technologies in the UK - 2627KB
For the Department of Energy and Climate Change, by Arup - June 2011

The risks and impacts of a potential future decline in oil production (June 2009) - .pptx 2135KB
Department of Energy and Climate Change - released June 2011

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2011 - 7645KB
BP - June 2011

Publication of Call For Evidence: Prospects for Crude Oil Supply and Demand - HTML
Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) - June 2011

Are we entering a golden age of gas? - 2739KB
International Energy Agency - June 2011

Common concerns about wind power - 212KB
Centre for Sustainable Energy - May 2011

Documents for the Green Deal Commons Committee stage - HMTL
Department of Energy & Climate Change - June 2011

Growing a Better Future Summary - 573KB
OXFAM - May 2011

Update on the design of the Green Investment Bank - 485KB
Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) - May 2011

World Economic Outlook: Tensions from the Two-Speed Recovery - 4302KB
The International Monetary Fund - April 2011
See Chapter 3 Oil Scarcity, Growth, and Global Imbalances

Shale Gas report - HTML
UK Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee - May 2011

Review of Economic Literature on the Impacts of High Oil Prices on UK GDP, Inflation and Unemployment - MS Word - 17KB, Factors to consider when interpreting results for the effect of oil price shocks on GDP - MS Word - 20KB, Annex A - CGE Results From The Oil Shock Scenario - MS - Word 286KB
Department for Energy and Climate Change - September 2010
Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act. See The Times article 'Internal report reveals fear of sudden ruinous rise in oil prices' [behind paywall].

Japanese earthquake and tsunami: Implications for the UK Nuclear Industry - 1641KB
Health & Safety Executive - May 2011

“The Greenest Government Ever”: One Year On - 1056KB
Jonathon Porritt - Friends of the Earth - May 2011

Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century - 13MB
David Hughes, Post Carbon Institute - May 2011

The Renewable Energy Review - 3910KB
Committee on Climate Change - May 2011 

Methane contamination of drinking water accompanying gas-well drilling and hydraulic fracturing - HTML
Osborn et al, published at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - May 2011

Special Report Renewable Energy Sources (SRREN) - Summary for Policymakers - 975KB
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - May 2010

ASPO 9 Conference Presentations
Brussels, Belgium 27-29 April 2011

Marine Renewables Green Growth Paper - 362KB
The Carbon Trust - May 2011

China’s Energy and Carbon Emissions Outlook to 2050 - 2364KB
Nan Zhou, David Fridley, Michael McNeil, Nina Zheng, Jing Ke, and Mark Levine - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - April 2011

GMO Capital Quraterly Newsletter - 184KB
Jeremy Grantham - April 2011

ABC Australia: The Oil Crunch - videos
Includes Chris Skrebowski, Jeremy Leggett, Kjell Aleklett, Fatih Birol 

Methane and the greenhouse-gas footprint of natural gas from shale formations - 519Kb
Robert W. Howarth, Renee Santoro, Anthony Ingraffea - Cornell University - Published in Climactic Change journal - April 2011

World Economic Outlook - 4302KB
International Monetary Fund - April 2011
Note: See Chapter 3. Oil Scarcity, Growth, and Global Imbalances

Biofuels: Ethical Issues - 2764Kb
Nuffield Council on Bioethics - April 2011

Who's winning the clean energy race? - 2010 Edition
Pew Environment - March 2011

Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050 - Signals & Signposts - 851Kb
Royal Dutch Shell - February 2011

Oil Market Report January 2011 - 2599Kb
International Energy Agency - January 2011

Facts on Egypt: oil and gas - 396Kb
International Energy Agency - February 2011

Meeting the recommendations of the WWF energy report in the UK - 95Kb
WWF - February 2011

The Energy Report: 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 - 14.7Mb
WWF - Feburary 2011

Jatropha: Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees - 3176Kb
Friends of the Earth - January 2011

Future Transport Fuels - 1945Kb
European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels, EU Commission on Mobility & Transport - January 2011

BP Energy Outlook 2030 - 1379Kb
BP - January 2011

TEQs - Tradable Energy Quotas: A Policy Framework for Peak Oil and Climate Change - 890Kb
David Fleming and Shaun Chamberlin, House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil & The Lean Economy Connection - January 2011

Population: One Planet, Too Many People? - 3498Kb
Institution of Mechanical Engineers - January 2011

Shale gas: a provisional assessment of climate change and environmental impacts - 2545Kb
The Tyndall Centre University of Manchester, commissioned by The Co-operative - January 2011

Global Risks 2011 - 5457Kb
The World Economic Forum - January 2011

Deep Water - The gulf oil disaster and the future of offshore drilling - 16.76Mb
Report to the President by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

Renewables won’t keep the lights on - HTML
Hugh Sharman, - January 2011

UK Deepwater Drilling - Implications of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - HTML
Energy and Climate Change Committee - January 2011

Advance Chapter (Chapter 4) - 1734Kb
National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling - January 2011

Investigating the US gas drilling boom - video
The Ecologist - December 2010

More for Asia: Rebalancing World Oil and Gas - 3498Kb
John Mitchell, Chatham House - December 2010

Drilling for oil in the Arctic: Too soon, Too risky - 637Kb
World Wildlife Fund - December 2010

The Influence of UK Energy Security and Peak Oil as Drivers Impacting on WCC Services and Activities - 2373Kb
Warwick Business School, MSc Business Analytics and Consulting - October 2010

The Emissions Gap Report: Are the Copenhagen Accord Pledges Sufficient to Limit Global Warming to 2° C or 1.5° C? - 1104Kb
United Nations Environment Programme - November 2010

Briefing Paper - Peak Oil: Implications of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill - 832Kb
The Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security - November 2010

Bio-SNG: Feasibility Study. Establishment of a Regional Project - 2384KB
Progressive Energy & CNG Services for the National Grid & Centrica - November 2010

300 years of fossil-fueled addiction in 5 minutes - video
Post Carbon Institute - November 2010

World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary - 861KB
International Energy Agency - November 2010

Energy Poverty - How to make modern energy access universal?
Special early excerpt of the World Energy Outlook 2010 for the UN General Assembly on the Millennium Development Goals
- 2114KB
International Energy Agency - November 2010

Driving to Destruction [briefing paper]- 1245Kb
RSPB, ActionAid, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace - November 2010

Anticipated Indirect Land Use Change Associated with Expanded Use of Biofuels and Bioliquids in the EU – An Analysis of the National Renewable Energy Action Plans - 593Kb
Catherine Bowyer, Senior Policy Analyst, Institute for European Environmental Policy - November 2010

Selected videos from the 2010 ASPO conference
ASPO-USA - October 2010

The Great Shale Gas Rush - series of articles
National Geographic - October 2010

The next oil shock? - 551Kb
New Zealand Parliamentary Research Paper - October 2010

Global Wind Energy Outlook 2010 - 3328Kb
Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Greenpeace - October 2010

Challenge 1 litre 100km -369 Kb
Jean-Luc Wingert of ASPO-France president of the Association Challenge 1 litre 100km - October 2010

The Shale Gas Revolution: Hype & Reality - 2011Kb
Paul Stevens - Chatham House - September 2010

Great Expectations: The cost of offshore wind in UK waters – understanding the past and projecting the future - 4.3Mb
UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) - September 2010

Fueling the Future Force: Preparing the Department of Defense for a Post-Petroleum Era - 6.9Mb
Center for a New American Security (CNAS) - September 2010

Les effets d'un prix du pétrole élevé et volatil - 1858Kb
English summary of the report pages 247-254
Conseil d'Analyse Économique - July 2010

Gas: At the centre of a low carbon future - 1139Kb
UK Oil & Gas - September 2010

Unconventional gas - Cheap Gas Coming? - 75Kb
Paul Stevens Senior Research Fellow for Energy, Chatham House - August 2010

Peak Oil - Sicherheitspolitische Implikationen knapper Ressourcen (Implications Of Resource Scarcity On [National] Security) - 1986Kb. For translated excerpts see For translated excerpts see
Zentrum fuer Transformation der Bundeswehr, Dezernat Zukunftsanalyse (Center for German Army Transformation, Group for “Future Studies”) - July 2010 

Oil, health, and health care
Angela E Raffle, consultant in public health - British Medical Journal - August 2010

Oil sands development contributes elements toxic at low concentrations to the Athabasca River and its tributaries - 581Kb
Erin N. Kellya, David W. Schindlera,1, Peter V. Hodsonb, Jeffrey W. Shortc, Roseanna Radmanovicha, and Charlene C. Nielsena - University of Alberta - August 2010 

Africa: up for grabs - The scale and impact of land grabbing for agrofuels - 1620Kb
Friends of the Earth - August 2010

Investing for an Uncertain Future: Priorities for UK Energy and Climate Security (briefing paper) - 384Kb
Nick Mabey and John Mitchell, Chatham House - July 2010 

Community Power Empowers: Making community co-operative and municipal renwable energy happen - lessons from across Europe - 1.63Mb
Kate Hathaway, Urban Forum Online - July 2010

Towards a Zero Carbon Vision for UK Transport - 1628Kb
Stockholm Environment Institute (York, UK) - August 2010

2050 Pathways Analysis & calculator tool - 5109Kb
Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) - July 2010

Transforming the UK’s Energy System: Policies for the 2020 Renewables Target and Beyond - 1332Kb
Friends of the Earth - July 2010

The Economic Impacts for Ireland of High Oil and Gas Prices - 2473Kb
Siemens Limited - July 2010  

EEF - The Manufacturers' Organisation  - 121Kb
Energy Action Plan - July 2010 

Energy Efficiency - Australia's Low Carbon Opportunity - 3103Kb
Energy Efficiency Council Inc - July 2010

2010 Medium-Term Oil market presentation - 879Kb
International Energy Agency - June 2010

2010 Medium-Term Gas market presentation - 741Kb
International Energy Agency - June 2010

Fixed unit price simulation for disposal of spent fuel from nuclear power stations in the UK (FUPSIM) - 1303KB
Ian Jackson, Jackson Consulting for Greenpeace UK - June 2010

Zero-carbon Britain 2030 - A New Energy Strategy - 5062Kb
The Centre for Alternative Technology - June 2010

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2010 - 8083Kb
BP - June 2010

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SECURITY Strategic risks and opportunities for business - 1418KB
Chatham House-Lloyd's 360 Risk Insight - June 2010

UK Electricity Generation Costs Update - 967Kb
Mott McDonald for the Departement of Energy and Climate Change - June 2010

Electric Vehicles: charged with potential - 1734Kb
Royal Academy of Engineering - May 2010

Building a Resilient UK Energy System - 944KB
UK ENergy Research Centre (UKERC) - April 2010

A valuation of the UK’s offshore renewable energy resource - 5Mb
The Offshore Valuation Group - May 2010

Natural Regression (film featuring ODAC trustee Chris Skrebowski and ODAC patron Colin Campbell) - video
Zibanitum films - May 2010

Annual Energy Outlook 2010 - 1331Kb
U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), May 2010

Canada's Oil Sands: Shrinking Window of Opportunity - 1751Kb
RiskMetrics Group and Ceres, May 2010

Tar Sands in Your Tank - Exposing Europe's Role in Canada's Dirty Oil Trade - 869Kb
Greenpeace UK, May 2010

Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition Negotiations - Agreements Reached 11 May 2010  - 31Kb
Conservative Party & Lib Dem Party, May 2010 

A Plan for a Sustainable Future - How to get all energy from wind, water and solar power by 2030  - 1422Kb
Mark Z. Jacobson & and Mark A. Delucchi, November 2009 

Energy, growth and sustainability: five propositions
Steve Sorrell - SPRU, University of Sussex - March 2010

Lights Out? The Outlook for Energy in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union - 1585Kb
Karni Barbara, The World Bank - January 2010

Joint Operating Environment report 2010 - 3159Kb
United States Joint Forces Command - February 2010

The Zero-Carbon Switch: Joint Manifesto for Renewables - 390Kb
BHA, CHPA, GSHP, MicroPower, REA, Solar Trade Association, Renwable UK, Scottish Renewables, Sustainable Energy UK - April 2010

Rebuilding Security - Conservative Energy Policy for and Uncertain World - 2263Kb
The Conservative Party - March 2010

Generating the Future: UK energy systems fit for 2050 - 2062KB
The Royal Academy of Engineering - March 2010

Opportunity cost of tar sands development: How to better spend $379 billion! - 563Kb
WWF-UK and The Co-operative - March 2010

World oil demand’s shift toward faster growing and less price-responsive products and regions - 373Kb
Joyce Dargay of University of Leeds and Dermot Gately of New York University - February 2010

Tipping Point: Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production - An Outline Review - 631Kb
Feasta & The Risk/Resilience Network - March 2010

Fueling North America’s Energy Future: The Unconventional Natural Gas Revolution and the Carbon Agenda
IHS CERA - March 2010

2010 Oil & Gas UK Activity Survey - 583Kb
Oil and Gas UK - February 2010 

Oil Sketches - The Oil Crunch - 689Kb
Barclays Capital - February 2010  

Medium-term crude oil outlook to 2015: a balancing act - 490Kb
Merril Lynch - February 2010

Meals per gallon - The impact of industrial biofuels on people and global hunger - 1023Kb
ActionAid - January 2010

Response by Chris Barton of DECC, at the launch of the Peak Oil report - (video, 4 mins)
From the release of the ITPOES report 'The Oil Crunch' - February 2010

The Oil Crunch - A wake-up call for the UK economy - 687Kb
The Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (ITPOES) - February 2010

Project Discovery - Options for delivering secure and sustainable energy supplies - 844Kb
Ofgem - February 2010

Engineering a low carbon built environment - The discipline of Building Engineering Physics- 1486Kb
Doug King, The Royal Academy of Engineering - January 2010 

An Explanation of Oil Peaking - 2147Kb
R.W. Bentley, Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK - December 2009 

Searching for a Miracle - Net Energy Limits and the Fate of Industrial Society - 2613Kb
Post Carbon Institute, International Forum on Globalization - November 2009

The Future of Global Oil Suply: Understanding the Building Blocks - 256Kb
IHS/Cambridge Energy Research Associates - November 2009 

The Peak of the Oil Age - The Uppsala World Energy Outlook - 833Kb
Kjell Aleklett, Mikael Höök, Kristofer Jakobsson, Michael Lardelli, Simon Snowden, Bengt Söderbergh, November 2009

World Energy Outlook 2008, Chapter 10 - Field-by-field analysis of oil production - 460Kb
Internation Energy Agency, November 2008
[Made available following release of the 2009 report] 

World Energy Outlook 2009 - Executive Summary - (PDF 175Kb)
International Energy Agency 2009

Notes on the 2009 ASPO-USA Peak Oil Conference - (PDF 416Kb)
Chris Nelder, October 2009

The Great Transition: a tale of how it turned out right - (PDF 1092Kb)
new economics foundation (nef), October 2009

Heads in the Sand: Governments Ignore the Oil Supply Crunch and Threaten the Climate - (PDF 8409Kb)
Global Witness, October 2009

Building a Positive Future for Bristol after Peak Oil - (PDF 5236Kb)
Bristol Green Capital Peak Oil Taskforce, for Bristol City Council and the Bristol Partnership, Oct 2009 

Project Discovery - Energy Market Scenarios - (PDF 1737Kb)
OFGEM, October 2009 

Meeting Carbon Budgets - The Need for a Step Change
Committee on Climate Change (UK), October 2009 - (PDF 5.3Mb)

Global Oil Depletion - An assessment of the evidence for a near-term peak in global oil production - (PDF 3856Kb)
UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), October 2009

The Peak Oil Market - (PDF 1279Kb)
Deutsche Bank, October 2009  

Energy and Environmental Challenges in the New Global Economy (Speech) - (PDF 106Kb)
Andrew Sentance, Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England, September 2009

Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress - (PDF 3235Kb)
Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz, Professor Amartya Sen, Professor Jean-Paul Fitoussi, September 2009

Peak Oil Contigency Plan - (PDF 284Kb)
Maribyrnong City Council (Australia), September 2009

Open letter to the Queen
Multiple signatories including Phillip Blond, CEO, ResPublica; Geraint Talfan Davies, Chairman, Institute of Welsh Affairs; Professor Lord Anthony Giddens; Rob Hopkins, Founder of Transition Towns; Jeremy Leggett, Chair, Solar Century; Sir Jonathon Porritt OBE, August 2009

Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs): A Policy Framework for Peak Oil and Climate - (PDF 589Kb)
All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil & Gas, & The Lean Economy Connection, August 2009

Energy Security - a national challenge in a changing world - (PDF 848Kb)
Malcolm Wicks MP, Special Representative of the Prime Minister, August 2009

Shifting Sands - (PDF 2.94Mb)
Greenpeace & Oil Change International, July 2009

Digest of UK energy statistics 2009 - (pdf 6.9Mb)
National Statisitcs - July 2009 (press release)

Lecture with Dr. Hermann Scheer on renewables and energy policy - (video, 1hr 26 mins)
MIT Clean Tech/GABA - July 2009

The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan: National Strategy for Climate & Energy - (pdf 4.4Mb)
Department for Energy & Climate Change - 15 July 2009

The UK Renewable Energy Strategy - (pdf 3.96Mb)
Department for Energy & Climate Change - July 2009

UK offshore oil and gas  - (pdf 2928Kb)
House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee - 29 June 2009

Towards a low carbon future  - (pdf 395Kb)
The Royal Society - 28 June 2009

Statistical Review of World Energy 2009  - (pdf 5304Kb)
BP - 10 June 2009

The Impact of the Financial and Economic Crisis on Global Energy Investment - (pdf 424Kb)
International Energy Agency background paper for the G8 Minister's meeting - 24-25 May 2009  

Making the transition to a secure and low-carbon energy system: synthesis report - (pdf 9.13Mb)
The UK Energy Research Centre - April 2009

Causes and Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007-08 - 638Kb
James D. Hamilton, Department of Economics, UC San Diego - March 2009

Vision 2050 - A report for Cheshire West and Chester Authority - (pdf 653Kb)
Chester Climate Change and Sustainability Ginger Group- March 2009

Averting the next energy crisis: The demand challenge - (pdf 2.12Mb)
McKinsey Global Institute- March 2009

The increasing divergence of WTI pricing from world markets - (pdf 365Kb)
Platts - March 2009

Our electricity transmission network: A vision for 2020 - (pdf 5.2Mb)
Electricity Networks Strategy Group - March 2009

Shai Agassi's bold plan for electric cars - (video)
TED Talks, Ideas worth spreading, February 2009

Heat & energy saving strategy - (pdf 2753Kb)
Department of Energy and Climate Change - February, 2009

Has non-OPEC oil production peaked?- (pdf 803Kb)
Merrill Lynch - February, 2009

Food futures - rethinking food strategy - (pdf 904Kb)
Chatham House - February, 2009

Saving Carbon, Improving Health: NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy for England - (pdf 2528Kb)
NHS Sustainable Development Unit - January, 2009

The potential for Renewable Gas in the UK - (pdf 965Kb)
The National Grid - January, 2009

Volatile times - transport, climate change and the price of oil - (pdf 1338Kb)
The LGA - December, 2008

The Impact of Peak Oil on South Australia - (pdf 1.36Mg)
The Parliament of South Australia - November 25, 2008

Global Trends 2025, A World - (pdf 8.12Mg)
US National Intelligence Council - November, 2008

Executive Summary, IEA World Energy Outlook - (pdf 176Kb)
Internation Energy Agency - November 12, 2008

The Oil Crunch: Securing the UK’s energy future - (pdf 961Kb)
UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil & Energy Security (ITPOES) - 29 October 2008

The potential of biogas in an European perspective - (pdf) 1138Kb
Bernt Svensén for Globe Europe - 22 October 2008

Towards Oil Resilience Community Information Paper - (pdf 1169Kb)
Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland Government - September 2008

Connecting the future: the UK's renewable energy strategy - (pdf 1057Kb)
Dr Bridget Woodman of the University of Exeter, for Greenpeace - September 2008

Plugged In - The End of the Oil Age - (pdf 1951Kb)
Gary Kendall, WWF - 2008  

Green Street Interim Report - (pdf 246Kb)
Matthew Lockwood, Climate Change Team, Institute for Public Policy Research - July 2008

Peak Oil - (pdf 549Kb)
Member's Research Service report, National Assembly for Wales - July 2008

Implications of ‘‘peak oil’’ for atmospheric CO2 and climate - (pdf 464Kb)
Pushker A. Kharecha and James E. Hansen, NASA - August 2008  

Preparing for Peak Oil: Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis - (pdf 2647Kb)
The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre & Post Carbon Institute - August 2008

The Coming Oil Supply Crunch - (pdf 631Kb)
Paul Stevens, Chatham House - August 2008

Interim Report on Crude Oil - (pdf 3469Kb)
Interagency Task Force on Commodity Markets, chaired by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission - July 2008

Ending Dependence: Hard Choices for Oil-Exporting States  - (pdf 746 Kb)
John V. Mitchell and Paul Stevens, Chatham House - July 2008

A Green New Deal: Joined-up policies to solve the triple crunch of the credit crisis, climate change and high oil prices  - (pdf 2,279 Kb)
Green New Deal Group, published by new economics foundation (nef) - July 2008

The Impact of Peak Oil on International Development - (pdf 457 Kb)
House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil (APPGOPO) & Renewable Energy Shelter •  Environment Training (reset) - June 2008

A note on rising food prices - (pdf 665 Kb)
Donald Mitchell, World Bank, April 2008 draft report on Biofuels published by The Guardian in July 2008

How Much? The Cost of Alleviating Fuel Poverty - (pdf 308 Kb)
Ian Preston, CSE Richard Moore, Independent Consultant Pedro Guertler, ACE, June 2008

Electricity Prices in the United Kingdom - Fundamental Drivers and Probable Trends 2008-2020 (pdf 753 Kb)
Hugh Sharman, INCOTECO, John Constable, Renewable Energy Foundation, May 2008

The New Inflation (pdf 753 Kb)
Jeff Rubin - CIBC World Markets, May 27th 2008

Energy Watch - A lesson from long-dated oil: A steadily rising price forecast (pdf 267 Kb)
Goldman Sachs, May 17th 2008

$100 oil reality, part 2: Has the super-spike end game begun?, (pdf 186 Kb)
Goldman Sachs, May 5th 2008

How much higher will oil prices go?, (pdf, 201 Kb)
Jeff Rubin and Peter Buchanan, CIBC World Markets Inc, April 24, 2008

CNN & Shell sponsored advert on peak oil, (jpg, 321 Kb)
TIME magazine Europe edition, 31 March 2008

$100 oil reality, part 1: Super-spike phase 2 ushers in a period of chronically high and rising prices, (pdf, 362 Kb)
Goldman Sachs, March 6, 2008

Energy - Time to get short timespreads (pdf, 142Kb)
Goldman Sachs, March 11, 2008

Implications of “peak oil” for atmospheric CO2 and climate (pdf, 296 Kb)
Pushker A Kharecha and James E Hansen, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University Earth Institute, New York, NY 10025, USA

2008 Issues & Outlook: Bull in a bear’s disguise (pdf, 448 Kb)
Goldman Sachs (2008)

The Pump....Decline and Fall? (pdf, 591 Kb)
Citbank (04th February, 2008)

UK Oil and Gas Index #928 (pdf, 118 Kb)
Royal Bank of Scotland (December 2007)

Corn for Ethanol: An Inflation Crop (pdf, 775 Kb)
CIBC World Markets (October 2007)

OPEC’s Growing Call on Itself (pdf, 533 Kb)
CIBC World Markets (September 2007)

Current Global Challenges and Alternative Futures for South Africa (pdf, 2.56 Mb)
The Association for the Study of Peak Oil South Africa (August 2007)

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007
BP (12 June 2007)

Queensland's Vulnerability to Rising Oil Prices - Taskforce Report (McNamara Report)
5th April 2007

Giant Oil Fields - The Highway to Oil: Giant Oil Fields and their Importance for Future Oil Production (PhD)
Fredrik Robelius, Uppsala University (March 2007)

Re-Energising Australia [pdf, 1.15 Mb. Integrates oil depletion and climate change.]
Senator Christine Milne, Australian Green Party (March 2007)

Peaking of World Oil Production: Recent Forecasts (pdf, 494 Kb) Robert L. Hirsch, SAIC (February 2007)

Megaprojects - New capacity fails to boost 2006 production – delays or depletion? [pdf, 79 Kb]
Chris Skrebowski, Energy Institute (Feb 2007)

Uncertainty on data and forecasts [pdf, 3.7 Mb]
Jean Laherrere, ASPO France (July 2006)

When The Oil Runs Out: What Does This Mean For Scottish Tourism? [pdf, 2.13 Mb]
Dr. Ian Yeoman et al; VisitScotland Research (May 2006)

Megaprojects - Prices holding steady, despite massive planned capacity additions [pdf]
Chris Skrebowski, Energy Institute (April 2006)

Economic Impacts of Liquid Fuel Mitigation Options - Executive Summary [pdf, 231 Kb] Robert L. Hirsch et al, SAIC (February 2006)

World Oil Production & Peaking Outlook [pdf]
Rembrandt H.E.M. Koppelaar, Peak Oil Netherlands Foundation (November 2005)

Shaping the peak of world oil production
Robert L. Hirsch, SAIC (October 2005)

How Credible Are Proven Oil Reserves: The Case of Iran, Russia & Canada [pdf]
Dr Mamdouh G. Salameh, international oil economist (September 2005)

The End of Oil [pdf]
Bob Lloyd, University of Otago (July 2005)

Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation & Risk Management [pdf]
Robert L. Hirsch et al, SAIC (February 2005)

IEA Oil Projections Revisited [pdf]
Klaus Illum, ECO Consult (Revised January 2005)

The Countdown for the Peak of Oil Production Has Begun [pdf]
Werner Zittel & Jörg Schindler, L-B-Systemtechnik GmbH (October 2004)

The End of the Age of Oil
David Goodstein, California Institute of Technology (April 2004)

Oil-based Technology and Economy - Prospects for the Future [pdf]
The Danish Board of Technology & The Society of Danish Engineers (March 2004)

Middle East Oil — Reality and Illusion [pdf]
Colin J. Campbell (March 2004)

Forecasting the limits to the availability and diversity of global conventional oil supply [pdf]
John L. Hallock, et al. (published in Energy, 2004)

How and for how long it is possible to secure a sustainable growth of oil supply
Leif Magne Meling, Statoil ASA (December 2003)

Future world oil supply [pdf]
Werner Zittel & Jörg Schindler, L-B-Systemtechnik GmbH (January 2003)

Before The Wells Run Dry
The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (2002)

Forecasting Global Oil Supply 2000-2050 [pdf]
Colin J. Campbell (July 2002)

Peak Oil: an Outlook on Crude Oil Depletion
Colin J. Campbell (revised February 2002)

Re-energising Australia [pdf, 1.15 Mb]
Senator Christine Milne, Australian Green Party, (April 2007)

Uranium Resources and Nuclear Energy [pdf, 471 kb]
Energy Watch Group

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